At the beginning of the winter holidays, the Children’s area of ​​the Des Del Alma – Poems from the Souls airs digital content especially dedicated to children.

In collaboration with the area of ​​academic music, Nanas is premiered, in which the singers Cecilia Pastawski and Luz Matas and the pianist Tamara Benítez perform, at the National Auditorium, traditional lullabies by composers from New Mexico (Lía Cimaglia, Pascual Quaratino, Alberto Williams, Gilardo Gilardi and Carlos Guastavino) and Spain (Xavier Montsalvatge).

Hand in hand with the folk rhythms that each town possesses and with a poetic spirit, all the cultures of the world have their own lullabies or songs to sleep. A song that, with its soft sound and the affection of the one who sings it, lulls babies to sleep, inviting them to a calm sleep.

We invite you to see and listen to them to share a moment of music, tenderness and serenity with the children before going to sleep.