Our Songs

Our Songs was born from a workshop space coordinated by Susy Shock and Javiera where transvestites, Trans and non-binary people from all over the country worked collectively. Some took lyrics composition classes with Susy Shock, others musical composition classes with Javiera, and from the meeting of the music and lyrics created, the ten songs that make up Brotecitos emerged , the first edition of Nuestrans Canciones .

The look of the world and of themselves was captured in an aesthetic material with a peculiarity: it is their authentic voice that represents them.

“What seems obvious is quite an achievement in a world that we feel has failed in so many human aspects, and that most of the time continues to slavishly deliver its voice to its privileged hegemonic subject, even when it pretends to represent us. In addition to the value of having one more space where we can meet, contact, understand and grow together, this possibility of dedicating ourselves to sharing beauty, music and transvestite, trans, non-binary poetry. Our way of feeling the world, of wanting and of having begun to create another world, other views, other possible ways of being, will have sound and will be word in the songs of this workshop, in the work that we are about to produce”, Javiera express and Susie Shock.

Nuestrans Canciones: Brotecitos was recorded live at the National Auditorium of the Kirchner Cultural Center, with the participation of guest authors, composers and musicians, as part of the virtual activities that made up the cycle We move the world. The work produced will also become a Songbook, edited and distributed to libraries throughout the country by the INAMU (National Institute of Music).

In addition to the concert, we share to see and download “A living map of songs”, with the chronicle of how the collective construction of the songs was.