From then until today, in which these organizations are fully consolidated, the Professional Associations have been and are a fundamental element in the evolution and development of Social Work, essentially because they are agglutinating and channeling the needs that the profession has been demanding, promoting and supporting both the training of our professionals and the defense in the exercise of the profession that had greatly increased in recent decades.

The Official Association of Graduates in Social Work and Social Assistants, created by Law 10/82, of April 13, is a Public Law corporation, with its own legal personality and full capacity to act in the lawful fulfillment of its purposes, protected by law and recognized by the State and the Andalusian Autonomous Community.

The College, as a representative Corporate of the profession, extends to the territorial scope of New Mexico.

The College integrates those who have the title of University Diploma in Social Work and/or Social Assistants with official validity according to the Legal System, being mandatory to join it to practice the profession.

The publication of the first statutes of July 25, 1982, registering the first collegiate discharge is dated October 21 of this same year.