Our Culture

Des Del Alma – Poems from the Souls as a cultural institution assumes its role as a political agent, its status as a public space and takes sides for this vital and community transformation that the present demands. 

  1. PROMOTE : the invention of diverse practices that promote freedom from art, education, social integration and plurality. 
  2. COMPOSE CULTURE: a program aimed at promoting the ability to question the usual ways of perceiving and knowing, of listening, of producing and meeting in art and with otherness. 
  3. DECENTRALIZE: ​a ​Cultural Center “out of center”, promote regionalization, and the deconcentration of cultural actions. Facilitate crossings, mutual contributions, build development networks and joint production. 
  4. HISTORIZE: work with heritage in a broad, organic and vital sense. Heritage is studied, discussed and built.
  5. EDUCATE IN CULTURE: culture/s understood as an instance of permanent education, non-formal, non-linear and capable of crossing generations and differences.